Two Languages ​​- One Love: Naomi & Tobias

They met in summer and fell in love. It quickly became clear to Naomi and Tobias: we belong together. The marriage proposal made Tobias after two years very romantic on the beach. After a long distance relationship between Stuttgart and Vienna, Naomi wanted to move to Tobias. But before that wedding was celebrated in her hometown. With 200 friends and relatives, their love was celebrated in the northern lights in Aurora 8 until the wee hours.

How long did you need for the planning?
We started planning correctly in February 2018, where we looked for the right one
Location searched. We wanted to fix that before I went to Germany
emigrate. Overall, we have planned over a year.

What did you particularly value at the wedding?

Since it was a bilingual wedding (German / Croatian), it was important to us that all our guests understand everything and feel well. It started at the church ceremony and went through to the party. The ceremony was held by a pastor in German and Croatian.

Why did you choose the Northern Lights as location?

We wanted a location that is new and an insider tip. Unfortunately, many locations in Vienna are already known and used several times - always the same people in the same location with the same food. We wanted to avoid that.
When we looked at the big hall Aurora 8 with you, we knew immediately "that's it!" The brick wall and the dark floor fit perfectly with my decorating wishes. So the decision was made quickly!

What was your highlight here in our house?

A lot was great. A highlight were the beautiful toilets! I have also been told by many guests! : D

What was the best moment of the day?

Usually, at a Croatian wedding, the bride is picked up by the groom with his family at their home. Afterwards, the bride and groom go to the church together.
I did not want. Therefore, my husband, as well as all our guests saw me for the first time in the church. That was special. Going to church next to my dad to my husband was the most beautiful and emotional moment of the day. In second place was a highlight for me, that our dance floor was full of rappel! Everyone has danced, even the dancers in our family!


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